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The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control is one of more than ten institutes in the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering (MAVT)

Headed by Professors R. D'Andrea, L.Guzzella and C. Onder, IDSC offers approximately ten courses in the graduate and undergraduate program each year. In addition to their teaching, Profs. D'Andrea and Onder serve as tutors and advisors to a number of Masters and PhD students.

Visiting scholars and students from around the world complement our team of 40+ researchers and staff.

From aerial vehicles to combustion engines, multi-robot systems and even the human body, research in dynamics and control is crucial to the efficient monitoring, control and design of complex systems. Building on first principles in mathematics and physics, we bring a model-based approach to a wide range of environmental, commercial, social, biomedical and experimental design challenges.

IDSC graduates have a solid understanding of feedback, dynamics and control. They must also be able to work with specialists in other fields. Our pedagogical environment encourages teamwork and multidisciplinary collaboration to help prepare students for both workplace and academic success. Students are engaged in research in the early stages of their curriculum and are gradually led toward more challenging problems and independent research. Highly motivated students who enjoy working with others will find like-minded colleagues in our lab.

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