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Group D'Andrea

Work in Prof. D’Andrea’s group is focused on the creation of systems that leverage technological innovations, scientific principles, advanced mathematics, algorithms, and the art of design in unprecedented ways, with an emphasis on advanced motion control. Testbeds include novel, high performance flying machines, and dynamic sculptures. Main research areas are the design and control of multi-agent systems, adaptation, and machine learning. Read more

Group Onder

Prof. Onder's group pursues a model-based approach to the analyis, optimization and control of thermotronic and medical systems. Traditionally, engine systems have been the focus of the majority of their research projects. Currently the group is working on transfering the methodologies thus derived to building systems and medical devices in order to gain new insights and find opportunities for progress in these areas. Close contact with academic, and industrial partners helps to remain focused on relevant topics. A well-established testing infrastructure serves to validate theoretical concepts and methodologies. Also the group benefits from the inclusion of highly-engaged students in the research process. Read more

Group Zeilinger

When safety is critical, control systems are traditionally designed to act in isolated, clearly specified environments, or to be conservative against the unknown. The goal of research in Prof. Zeilinger's group it to make high performance control available for safety-critical systems that act in varying, uncertain environments, and which are potentially large-scale, composed of numerous interconnected subsystems, and, most importantly, involve human interaction. Read more

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