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Mauro Salazar has been awarded the ETH Medal for his excellent Master Thesis  “Low Energy Control”.

Dr. Gregor Ochsner has been awarded the Golden Owl 2016 for his excellent teaching.


Dr. Tobias Ott has been awarded the 2015 HILTI Award for his excellent Doctoral Thesis "Hybrid-Electric Vehicle with Natural Gas-Diesel Engine".

The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the 2015 Watt d'Or energy prize in the Energy-efficient mobility category to "AHEAD - Advanced Hybrid Electric Autobus Design", a project in collaboration with the Carrosserie Hess AG. Interview with Prof. Christopher Onder and Dr. Philipp Elbert.


The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the year 2014 Watt d'Or Award to the Natural Gas Diesel Hybrid Team for the development of a natural gas-diesel hybrid engine.

The 2014 Award for Innovation and Climate Protection, which is sponsored by the German natural gas industry, has been awarded to Natural Gas Diesel Hybrid-Team.

Dr. Marianne Schmid Daners, Dr. Gregor Ochsner and external collaborators received the Varian Main Award 2014 for the work "Development and Evaluation of a Prototype Tracking System Using the Treatment Couch".


  • Some of the final results and approvements of the research carried out in Prof. Lino Guzzella's automotive group have been covered in articles in the Automobilwoche, Bosch Pressinfo and an official publication of the EU.
  • Dr. Tobias Ott has been interviewed on his natural gas Diesel engine.
  • The Swiss Federal Council appointed ETH Rector Prof. Lino Guzzella as future President of ETH Zurich. By doing so, the Federal Council has endorsed the unanimous proposal made by the ETH Board. Prof. Lino Guzzella will be taking up his new duties on 1 January 2015.
  •  From July 17-19, 2013 the European Control Conference 2013 (ECC13) took place at ETH Zurich. The European Control Conference (ECC) is organized every two years under the auspices of the European Union Control Association (EUCA). The conference aims to bring together academic and industrial professionals in the field of systems and control, and to promote scientific cooperation and exchanges within the European Union and between Europe and other parts of the world. ECC13 is the 12th in the EUCA Series of European Control Conferences and will be held in Zurich, Switzerland from July 17 to 19, 2013. ETH Zurich will host the conference.
  • PhD Candidate Michael Moser and Dr. Christoph Voser have been awarded the Second Place Zuger Wissenschaftspreis 2013 for the Master Thesis "Boost Mode Torque Control and Pneumatic Start for Hybrid Pneumatic Engines".
  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been invited to visit the University of California at Berkeley as the Russell Severance Springer Professor.
  • PhD candidate Norbert Zsiga has been awarded the SGA Förderpreis 2013 for his excellent Master Thesis "Indirect Boosting of Turbocharged SI Engines".


  • The ETH Board has elected Prof. Lino Guzzella as the new Rector of ETH Zurich. ETH-Life article
  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been awarded "Golden Owl 2011" excellence in teaching award by VSETH!



  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been elected IEEE Fellow for contributions to automotive control systems to reduce pollution emission and fuel consumption.
  • Dr. Christian Dönitz has been rewarded the Hermann-Appel-Prize 2010 for his dissertation "Hybrid Pneumatic Engines".
  • PhD candidate Stephan Zentner won the award Diplomandenpreis 2009 from the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation for his master thesis "Supercharging a Pneumatic Hybrid Engine (PHybE) - Design, Identification and Control".
  • KPMG has awarded its Inspiration Grant to Dr. Christian Doenitz, Prof. Lino Guzzella, Dr. Christopher Onder and PhD candidate Christoph Voser for their work on hybrid pneumatic engines.
  • PhD candidate Tobias Ott was awarded the ETH-Medal for his outstanding Master Thesis "Hybrid Pneumatic Engine using Camshaft driven Charge Valves".
  • The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the year 2010 Watt d'Or Award to the Hybrid Pneumatic Powertrain team for its contributions towards a better fuel economy of passenger cars.


  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been appointed as a member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences(SATW) for his extraordinary contributions to the optimization and control of vehicle drive systems.
  • The Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control is visited by China’s Minister for Science and Technology Dr. Wang Gang. ETH Life: Leuchtende Augen für einen Hybrid-Motor: Chinesischer Besuch
  • Announcement of Name Change: As the nature of our research has changed, so have we. To better reflect our current work, we have changed our name from “Institute für Mess- und Regeltechnik” (IMRT) to “Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control – Institut für Dynamische Systeme und Regelungstechnik” (IDSC).
  • A new book written by Dr. Guillaume Ducard has been released: "Fault-tolerant Flight Control and Guidance Systems, Practical Methods for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles". Details here.
  • Article in ETH Life: Von Dampfturbinen zu Hybridmotoren und Flugobjekten (PDF, 183 KB)


  • Article in ETH Life: Einfach Benzin Sparen
  • Media coverage of the Pneumatic-Hybrid-Engine Project. Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Neuen Zürcher Zeitung
  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been awarded the 2008 Industry Award for Excellence in Translational Control Research, given to recognize an individual or a team of faculty researchers whose research activity, arising from Industry-University Collaboration(s), has produced substantive results with demonstrated impact.
  • The award was made to the competitor who best demonstrated research with a high-degree of excellence and effective industry-university collaboration, with a proven record of success in translating systems and control theory to practical benefits for industrial or commercial systems.
  • Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Geering holds his farewell lecture with the title: "Hat sich die Regelungstechnik durchgesetzt?", May 9th, 17:15, Audimax, HG F30
  • Embedded Control Systems is a new lecture at IMRT hold by Prof. Jim Freudenberg, Professor and Director of the Systems Laboratory at the University of Michigan. The full time block course comprises lectures and practical lab exercises using a haptic device as an example for a mechatronic system.


  • The prototype-testing of the Retrofitkit has been covered by an article (PDF, 203 KB) in "Der Landbote"
  • A new book by Prof. H.P. Geering has been published.
  • The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the 2007 Watt d'Or Award for energy efficient mobility to the PAC-Car II Team.



  • With his paper "Detailed Dynamic Modeling of Auto-Thermal Gasoline Fuel-Processors" PhD Candidate Thomas Böhme won the "Student Congress Award" at the FISITA 2006 World Automotive Congress in Yokohama.
  • The Clean Engine Vehicle project (EMPA, LAV, IMRT) received the 2006 Innovation Prize of the German Gas Industry, category „environmentally friendly mobility: natural gas in transportation“
  • From October 30 to November 3, Prof. Anna G. Stefanopoulou (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor) hold a Block Course on “Powertrain Control” at IDSC
  • Prof. Lino Guzzella has been appointed to the nominating committee for the "CNN Future Summit"!
  • Dr. Markus Möckli received the Jakob Ackeret Award from the Swiss Association of Aeronautical Sciences for his thesis work: the development of an entirely autonomous aerobatical auto pilot.


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