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Choosing your Tutor/Advisor

Choosing your tutor or thesis advisor is an important decision. It can also be a difficult one, as the area of interest and expectations of the professor you choose to work with will strongly influence the framework of your curriculum and the direction of your research.

Before you contact the professor, it is important that you take the time to carefully review his or her research pages to see if they match with your area of interest.

Information about Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea's research

Information about Prof. Lino Guzzella's/Prof. Christopher Onder's research

Tutor Process

1. Carefully read the rules and regulations for Masters students:

Information for Application/Admission of Master students

Information on Master in Robotics, Systems, and Control

Information on Master in Mechanical Engineering

2. Create a list of courses that you would like to take

  • Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea: Please make an appointment with Prof. D'Andrea by email.
  • Prof. Onder: please make an appointment with Prof. Onder by email.
  • For a complete list of tutors in the Mechanical Engineering Department (MAVT), click here. For a complete list of tutors in Robotics, Systems and Control, click here.

3. Contact / Inquiries

a) Prof. Guzzella/Prof. Onder: Email Prof. Onder: (copy Ms. Fischer: ) at the beginning of the semester to set up a 30 minute appointment to discuss your selection and to ask Prof. Guzzella/Prof. Onder any non-administrative questions. Please bring your unofficial bachelor transcript to the meeting.  

b) Prof. D’Andrea: Email to Ms. Munz: at the beginning of the semester to inquire about Prof. D’Andrea’s availability to act as your tutor. Depending on your tutor’s policy, you are free to do your semester or master project at the institute. In particular, you do not need an IDSC tutor to do a project or thesis at IDSC.

4. For administrative questions

Please contact Ms. Munz (for Prof. D'Andrea) or Ms. Fischer (for Prof. Guzzella/Prof. Onder)

5. Learning Agreement

a) For students who started their master's degree before fall 2016: Please use the "old" Tutor Agreement click here (PDF, 62 KB). Since you are in the "old" system, it is not necessary to use the Learning Agreement in myStudies.

b) For students who started their master's degree in fall 2016 or thereafter: Please go to myStudies and enter your tutor and the courses you discused with your tutor. See information leaflet for procedure.

The Learning Agreement must be submitted on myStudies and approved by the tutor (submitted to DMAVT - "old" system) within 3 weeks after the start of the semester.

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