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Research in our group can be roughly divided into the following areas:

  1. Autonomous Vehicles,
  2. Transportation Systems,
  3. Theoretical foundations. 

A brief description of these areas with some of the ongoing research projects follows.  


Autonomous Vehicles

The goal of this research effort is to enable vehicles such as cars and airplanes to safely and reliably drive/fly themselves in an uncertain, dynamic world (public roads, national airspace).


Motion planning and decision making

Real-time algorithms for control in a complex environment, shared with human and robotic actors

AV at a busy intersection

Regulatory compliance, verification and validation

Methods and tools to design provably correct control systems.

Trajectories evolve both in the physical space and in the logical space defined by rules

High-performance control 

Control at the boundaries of the operational envelope – emergency handling, racing, acrobatics

Autonomous doughnuts

Control of Transportation Systems

The goal of this research effort is to develop advanced control and optimization methods to enable new concepts for large-scale transportation systems.


Mobility on demand

Manage fleets of 100,000+ autonomous vehicles to provide on-demand mobility, trading off quality of service and operational costs.

load balancing diagram for mobility on demand


Robustness and efficiency in large-scale systems

Design distributed control systems that provably maximize throughput, minimize delays, and increase resilience of transportation networks.  

Backpressure algorithm for distributed traffic signal control

Theoretical foundations

There is nothing as practical as a good theory. We support our applied research projects above by advancing the state of the art in foundational areas such as

  • Control Theory
  • Algorithmic Robotics
  • System Design and Optimization
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