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Doctorate at D-MAVT

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Short biography

In 2007, Dario began studying Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich (Switzerland), receiving an Outstanding Bachelor Award for the best first year examinations and bachelor degree. During his master studies, he focused on control theory and mechanical systems and was awarded the Willi Studer prize 2013 for the best master degree in Mechanical Engineering. His master thesis "Quadrocopter Pole Acrobatics" received extensive media coverage. In April 2013, Dario began his PhD at the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control at ETH Zürich under the supervision of Professor Raffaello D'Andrea. His research is carried out in the Flying Machine Arena.




  • Lorenzo Garbani Marcantini: Quadrocopter Pendulum Swing-Up (Master Thesis)
  • Andreas Amrein: Improving the Pendulum Throw (Semester Project)
  • Stefan Bötschi: Control Allocation for a Variable-Pitch Quadrocopter (Semester Project)
  • Zhi Hao Luo: Developing a More Modular Simulation Environment (Internship)
  • Alex Wilkinson: Mechanical Design of New Types of Aerial Vehicles (Internship)
  • Weili Gao: Enabling Fast Reversing on an Open-Source BLDC Controller (Semester Project)
  • Florian Achermann: System Identification of the Omnicopter (Semester Project, ongoing)
  • Julien Kohler: Control Strategy for the Over-Actuated Omnicopter (Semester Project, ongoing)
  • Fabian Byland: Electrical and Mechanical Design of the Mini-Omnicopter (Master Thesis, ongoing)



Dynamic Programming & Optimal Control, Fall 2013, teaching assistant

Dynamic Programming & Optimal Control, Fall 2014, teaching assistant

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