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Schmid Daners, Marianne, Dr.

Marianne Schmid Daners

ETH Zürich
Dr. Marianne Schmid Daners
Inst. Dynam. Syst. u. Regelungst.
ML K 36.3
Sonneggstrasse 3
8092 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 24 47


Marianne Schmid Daners received her MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2006 and her PhD in 2012, both from ETH Zurich. Since 2012, she is the leader of the Biomedical Systems group.

Her research interests are the modeling and control of biological systems, and the development of biomedical devices.

Research Projects

The multidisciplinary research project SmartShunt - The Hydrocephalus Project aims at conducting the basic research necessary for the subsequent development of a smart cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) shunt for normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). IDSC contributes to the project with the design of a SmartShunt functional model and the development of an adaptive control algorithm that regulates CSF drainage.


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R. Amacher, G. Ochnser, M. Schmid Daners. "Synchronized Pulsatile Speed Control of Turbodynamic Left Ventricular Assist Devices: Review and Prospects." Artif. Organs, 2014. In press. doi:10.1111/aor.12253

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M. Schmid Daners, V. Knobloch, M. Soellinger, P. Boesiger, B. Seifert, L. Guzzella, and V. Kurtcuoglu. "Age-Specific Characteristics and Coupling of Cerebral Arterial Inflow and Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics." PLoS ONE 7(5): e37502, 2012. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037502

V. Kurtcuoglu, S. Bottan, M. Schmid Daners, V. Knobloch, D. Poulikakos, M. Soellinger, L. Guzzella, P. Boesiger, and B. Seifert. "CSF space phantom and coupling of cerebral arterial inflow with cerebrospinal dynamics: Highlights from the SmartShunt project." 1st CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland, July 8-9, 2011.

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M. Schmid Daners, L. Wullschleger, S. Derler, and K.-U. Schmitt. "Development of a new design of hip protectors using finite element analysis and mechanical tests." Med Eng Phys, 30(9):1186-1192, 2008.


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