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Kriegleder, Max

Max Kriegleder

ETH Zürich
Max Kriegleder
Inst. Dynam. Syst. u. Regelungst.
ML K 36.2
Sonneggstrasse 3
8092 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 79 19


Max's research focuses on distributed estimation and control, and modular multi-agent systems.

Distributed Estimation and Control
Imagine agents that are connected through a communication network and collect information about their environment, which they share with their peers. One can exploit this fact to improve the local state estimate of an agent. In certain cases the collective information can even be used to estimate states, which were unobservable to the single agents.

When multiple agents take action to reach a common goal a precise strategy for coordination is required that ideally works without a centralized control authority.

Modular Multi-Agent Systems
Max's research on modular multi-agent systems revolves around the Distributed Flight Array, a modular flying vehicle with homogenous modules that assemble on the ground and take flight. The current focus in his research lies on docking and breaking apart during flight.


M. Kriegleder: A Correction to Algorithm A2 in ‘Asynchronous Distributed Averaging On Communication Networks’, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.

M. Kriegleder, R. Oung, and R. D'Andrea: Asynchronous Implementation of a Distributed Average Consensus Algorithm, IEEE/RSJ International Conference of Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2013.

M. Kriegleder, R. Oung, and R. D'Andrea: Distributed Altitude and Attitude Estimation from Multiple Distance Measurements, IEEE/RSJ International Conference of Intelligent Robots and Systems, 2012.



Zurich Minds (Zurich, December 2013)


Angela Botros, Robust Distributed Network Localization Using Noisy Range Measurements (Semester Project)
Paul Beuchat, Decentralized H2-Control of the Distributed Flight Array (Semester Project)
Sundara Tejaswi Digumarti, Self-assembly of the Distributed Flight Array (Semester Project)
Julian Surber, State Estimation of the Distributed Flight Array from Range Measurements to Anchors on the Ground (Bachelor Thesis)
Jan Okle, Localization of Distributed Flight Array modules on the ground (Bachelor Thesis)
Jan Okle, Mobile Robot Platforms (Studies on Mechatronics)
Patrizio Simona, A ground station for the Distributed Flight Array Based on the Robot Operating System (Bachelor Thesis)
Patrizio Simona, Review of Broadcasting Methods for Ad Hoc Networks (Studies on Mechatronics)
Andreas Michel, Infrared Range Sensors Modeling and Calibration (Semester Project)
Julian Surber, Actuated Pin-based Surfaces (Studies on Mechatronics)


Recursive Estimation, Spring 2014, teaching assistant
Signals & Systems, Fall 2011 & 2012, teaching assistant


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