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Michael Mühlebach presented the Cubli at Galileo.


Congratulations! The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the 2015 Watt d'Or energy prize in the Energy-efficient mobility category to "AHEAD - Advanced Hybrid Electric Autobus Design", a project in collaboration with the Carrosserie Hess AG.


Congratulations! The 2014 Award for Innovation and Climate Protection, which is sponsored by the German natural gas industry, has been awarded to Natural Gas Diesel Hybrid-Team.


Join our Open Lab and Master Info Event on November 25th, 2014. More information here.



Congratulations! Dr. Sebastian Trimpe, former PHD student of Prof. D'Andrea and currently Research Scientist at the Autonomous Motion Department of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany, has been awarded the "Klaus Tschira award for achievements in public understanding of science." His award-winning article "Only if there is something to say" describes his PhD research and appeared in the German popular science magazine "Bild der Wissenschaft."


SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters The Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control, ETH spin-off company Verity Studios, and Cirque du Soleil have partnered to develop a short film featuring 10 quadcopters in a flying dance performance. Watch SPARKED.


Congratulations! The paper "The Distributed Flight Array" by Dr. Raymond Oung and Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea was selected as one of three best papers for the IFAC Mechatronics Paper Prize for 2011-2013.


Congratulations! Marianne Schmid Daners, Gregor Ochsner and external collaborators received the Varian Main Award 2014 for the work "Development and Evaluation of a Prototype Tracking System Using the Treatment Couch".


Markus Hehn gave a talk titled "Learning Algorithms in Aerial Vehicles" at the TEDxFlanders Conference on March 26, 2014 in Antwerpen, Belgium.


Gajamohan Mohanarajah gave a talk titled "Building an Internet for Robots" at TEDxYouth@Adliswil on March 15, 2014 in Adliswil, Switzerland.


Congratulations! The SEW-Eurodrive Foundation has elected Flavio Fontana's Master Thesis "Control of a swinging juggling robot" for the 2013 Graduate Award.


Congratulations! The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the year 2014 Watt d'Or Award to the Natural Gas Diesel Hybrid Team for the development of a natural gas-diesel hybrid engine.


Congratulations! Angela Schöllig, former PHD student of Prof. D'Andrea and currently Assistant Professor for Robotics and Controls at the University of Toronto, has been awarded the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation award 2013 for her outstanding PHD thesis "Improving tracking performance by learning from past data".


Zurich Minds talks by Raymong Oung and Max Kriegleder: "Distributed Flight Array", and by Gajamohan Mohanarajah: "The Cubli"


We are pleased to announce some of the final results and approvements of the research carried out in Lino Guzzella's automotive group: article in the Automobilwoche, Bosch Pressinfo and an official publication of the EU.


Congratulations! Angela Schöllig, former PHD student of Prof. D'Andrea and currently Assistant Professor for Robotics and Controls at the University of Toronto, has been awarded the ETH Medal for her outstanding PHD thesis "Improving tracking performance by learning from past data".


17.-19.7.2013 at ETH Zurich



Raffaello D'Andrea gave a Talk titled "The astounding athletic power of quadcopters" at the TED Global 2013 on June 11, 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Congratulations! Michael Moser and Christoph Voser have been awarded the Second Place Zuger Wissenschaftspreis 2013 for the Master Thesis "Boost Mode Torque Control and Pneumatic Start for Hybrid Pneumatic Engines".


Congratulations! Robin Ritz has been awarded the ETH-Medaille 2013 for his Master Thesis "Cooperative Quadrocopter Ball Manipulation".

Congratulations! Dario Brescianini won the "Willi Studer Award 2013” for the best Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Lino Guzzella has been invited to visit the University of California at Berkeley as the Russell Severance Springer Professor.


Dario Brescianini, master student with Prof. D'Andrea at IDSC, published a video that shows two quadrocopters throwing and catching an inverted pendulum and received extensive media coverage. Video:; Write-up:


Congratulations! Norbert Zsiga, PhD candidate with Prof. Lino Guzzella, has been awarded the SGA Förderpreis 2013 for his excellent Master Thesis.


Raffaello D'Andrea has presented a Keynote entitled "Feedback Control and the Coming Machine Revolution" at ZURICH.MINDS.


Federico Augugliaro and Robin Ritz, both PhD candidates with Prof. D'Andrea at IDSC, have jointly been awarded the Hans-Eggenberger-Prize 2012 for their excellent Master Theses.


Article in the SonntagsZeitung: Die Dressur der Drohnen (German only).


Join our Open Lab and Master Info Event on November 29th, 2012. More information here.


The Flying Machine Arena gets extensive media coverage: Perfekte Teamarbeit: Quadrocopter im Einsatz (Financial Times Deutschland), Quadrocopter leisten die perfekte Teamarbeit (Die Welt), Perfekte Teamarbeit: Quadrocopter im Einsatz (Spiegel Online)


Congratulations! Angela Schoellig has been appointed Assistant Professor for Robotics and Controls at the University of Toronto, Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS).


Article in Technology Review - August 2012: Fliegen mit Teamgeist.


Article in c't2012, No. 16: Flugzirkus - Spielerische Forschung mit Quadrokoptern.


Congratulations! Federico Augugliaro won the "Willi Studer Award 2012” for the best master degree in Robotics, Systems and Control.


Congratulations! We proudly announce that the ETH Board has elected Lino Guzzella as the new Rector of ETH Zurich. ETH-Life article


Congratulations! Mark Müller won the Jakob Ackeret Award 2011 for his master thesis "Quadrocopter Ball Juggling".


Congratulations! Lino Guzzella has been awarded "Golden Owl 2011" excellence in teaching award by VSETH!


Flying Robots Build a 6 Meter Tower. Ieee Spectrum article


Congratulations!! We proudly announce that Lino Guzzella is proposed to the ETH Board as the new Rector of ETH. ETH-Life article (German only)


Join our Open Lab and Master Info Event on 16th Dec. 2011. More information here.


Congratulations! Philipp Elbert, Hans-Jörg Gisler and Lino Guzzella have been awarded the first prize in the category "Regional: Switzerland" of the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2011 with their project "AHEAD".


Congratulations! Sebastian Trimpe and Raffaello D'Andrea won the IFAC World Congress Interactive Paper Prize. Their paper, "An Experimental Demonstration of a Distributed and Event-based State Estimation Algorithm", was selected from 450 interactive papers presented at the triennial congress held in Milan.


The Flying Machine Arena has been featured on German TV (PRO 7 Galileo). Please click here.


Congratulations! Gregor Ochsner was awarded the ETH-Medal for his outstanding Master Thesis "Valve Design and Torque Control of a Hybrid Pneumatic Engine with Camshaft Driven Charge Valves".


Join the Lab Tour to get informed about our Master Programs on 1st Apr. 2010. More information here.


Flying Machine Arena on TV in Canada, Switzerland and Germany. Please click here.


RoboEarth receives extensive media coverage! Please click here.


Congratulations! Philipp Elbert has been awarded the Hans-Eggenberger-Prize 2010.


Congratulations! Christian Dönitz has been awarded the ETH Medal 2010 for his outstanding dissertation "Hybrid Pneumatic Engines".


Christian Dönitz has been awarded the Hermann-Appel-Prize 2010
for his dissertation "Hybrid Pneumatic Engines".


Congratulations! Lino Guzzella has been elected IEEE Fellow.


Congratulations! Raffaello D'Andrea won the Golden Owl 2010.


Open House Day and Master Info Event at IDSC.


Congratulations! Raffaele Bornatico won the Premio Pro Ticino di Zurigo 2009.


Congratulations! Stephan Zentner won the award Diplomandenpreis 2009 from the SEW-EURODRIVE-Foundation.


Congratulations! KPMG has awarded its Inspiration Grant to Christian Doenitz, Lino Guzzella, Christopher Onder and Christoph Voser for their work on hybrid pneumatic engines.


Tobias Ott was awarded the ETH-Medal for his outstanding Master Thesis "Hybrid Pneumatic Engine using Camshaft driven Charge Valves".


The Swiss Office of Energy has awarded the year 2010 Watt d'Or Award to the Hybrid Pneumatic Powertrain team.

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