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I founded and now run a startup called Perspective Robotics. We are building the Fotokite, a novel tethered flying camera for journalism and the like.

I received my PhD at ETH Zurich working on aerial robotics, under the direction of Prof. Raffaello D'Andrea. During my five years at ETH I was a chief architect of the Flying Machine Arena, contributing in a variety of areas from middleware and electronics design to software and controls architecture.

  • Youtube: UntitledTitle
  • Twitter: @UntitledTitles
  • Vimeo (older vids): BullDozers
  • Prehistory - classical piano, programming competitions
  • 2003-2005 - RoboCup Small-Size League - Cornell Big Red - Machine Vision, Goalie AI, CS infrastructure. Overly dramatic 2003 final.
  • 2005 - DARPA Grand Challenge - Team Cornell - machine vision, LIDAR, other sensors, high-velocity path-planning. A bunch of early-20s guys with really big RC cars in the Mojave desert
  • 2006 - B.S. In Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell
  • 2006 - Engineer at NextGen Aeronautics - SBIRs/STTRs in novel sensors, FEM, EA structure optimization
  • 2007 - DARPA Urban Challenge - Team Cornell - LIDAR clustering, actuation, infrastructure. A handful of slightly-older guys playing with more big RC cars in upstate NY / Mojave
  • 2010 - M.S. in Mechanical Engineering - ETH Zürich - Thesis Topic: Adaptive Fast Flips for Quadrocopters
  • 2010 - Roof of the World Rally (Switzerland to Tajikistan), team 'Blue Skies' with Rahel Strässle
  • 2012 - Burning Man 2012, ReAllocate, advisor. Dusty multicopters.
  • 2012 - Completed Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich. Advisor: Raffaello D'Andrea.
  • Now - ETH Spinoff 'Fotokite' and postdoc work at the RPG at the Universität Zürich.


Advising (last updated 2012)

  • 2009 Fall, Lorenz Meier, Semester Project, Low-Latency Wireless Communication
  • 2010 Spring, Oliver Scheuss, Semester Project, Brushless Motor Controller Firmware for the FMA
  • 2010 Fall, Armin Ambühl, Studies on Mechatronics, Miniature Hover-Capable Air Vehicles
  • 2010 Fall, Mark Müller, Master Thesis, Quadrocopter Ball Juggling Video
  • 2010 Fall, Flavio Fontana, Semester Project, High-Performance Mini-Quadrocopter
  • 2011 Spring, Armin Ambühl, Bachelor Thesis, Human Interaction with a Quadrocopter using a Kinect Sensor Video
  • 2011 Spring, Thomas Kägi, SoM + Bachelor Thesis, Taming Li-Po Batteries
  • 2011 Fall, Tobias Meier, Studies on Mechatronics, Hovering, Extreme (factors affecting quadrocopter hover performance)
  • 2011 Fall, Tobias Widmer, Studies on Mechatronics, GPUs for Estimation and Control
  • 2012 Spring, Thomas Kägi, Semester Project, Design and Control of a Tiltrotor Quadrotor
  • 2012 Spring, Michael Moser, Semester Project, Control of a Quadrocopter by Shifting Mass
  • 2012 Spring, Christoph Kammer, Semester Project, Vision-Based Localization using Landmarks for Quadrocopters
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